Murex Advisory : Adding Value throughout the Platform Lifecycle

The choice of platform is critical in delivering trading and risk management capabilities  to  today’s  capital-market  participants.  Over  the  last  two decades, Murex has positioned itself as a solid leader in this industry. However, market-leading technology alone cannot deal with all the stress points and risks that arise from rapidly developing market demands and substantial growth in volume and product complexity. The perfect solution combines three themes: the technology leader, the best people and the most effective processes.

At MapleRisk we have developed a Murex practice based on three core strengths:  deep  technical  expertise  with  Murex,  a  team  of  seasoned practitioners with expert domain knowledge and a robust delivery method devised  and  battle-tested  over  multiple  generations  of  Murex  platform lifecycles.

We have taken the best practices of the derivatives capital markets and tailored them to fit a trading architecture with Murex at its core. In contrast with  traditional  project  management  approaches  that  are  heavy  with documentation and process deliverables, our methodology is devoted to understanding  the  current  functional  requirements  of  the  business  and defining solutions that look ahead to the future. We don’t do ‘big bang’ projects  –  instead,  our  approach  gives  our  clients  confidence  with incremental controlled delivery that accommodates the movements of a dynamic trading environment.

Download the full report on Murex Implementation and Transformation Strategy.