Digital Transformation of High Growth Equities Desk

Client Story: Tier 1 Bank Stockholm / London

MapleRisk have been successfully helping our global markets clients deliver complex change programmes through an Agile DevOps approach.

In this post we discuss how our domain experts work collaboratively within our Agile DevOps framework drawing from multiple disciplines including solution architecture, engineering, and data scientists and backed by a deep understanding of front-to-back trading and risk management fundamentals to reengineer the client’s fragmented workflow and take focus away from constantly searching for IT stop-gaps and engage with clients to provide value-added analysis and best-in-class processes.

The bank decided that in order to compete effectively, grow their client base and provide best-in-class service they needed to transition from their labour intensive legacy client reporting solution to an automated platform to provide information to their clients in business real-time available through a digital portal.

A complex web of interdependent procedures, externalised data model and business logic distributed throughout the construction process meant longer turnaround time for client on-boarding and enhancements due to heavy IT dependency.

MapleRisk Approach

MapleRisk first conducted a functional review of the existing solution by holding a series of interviews with the business functions to ascertain and confirm the primary business workflow and key client reporting requirements.

We rationalised the data model by establishing a single source using Murex native functionalities away from layers of business logic embedded in shell scripts, stored procedures, system extracts, and spreadsheets. As a result, the consolidated data source can now be refreshed in business real-time.

We implemented a reporting dashboard so that the business and operations can visualise the same set of data shared with clients creating a streamlined workflow.


We successfully deployed a new client reporting suite using standard Murex functionalities removed multiple external layers, improved supportability, and delivered a scalable solution. We also helped:

  • Achieve automatic refresh of data in business real-time (~10 minutes) made possible by a netted and tuned platform.
  • Consolidate business logic from disparate sources into the core system with Murex enabled a streamlined workflow and made the solution digital portal ready.
  • Implement easy reports visualisation via Murex GUI, which enabled faster client interaction, business analytics, and data sharing.