Agile DevOps – can it deliver transformational change?

We are seeing major changes in global markets trading and technology, transforming the way trading and risk management solutions are delivered and developed. The driver behind this is an increasing adoption of Agile methodologies to leverage existing investments. In the past organisations had the luxury of time and budget to deploy large stand alone projects however the dynamic nature of today’s markets requires new thinking.

Our global markets clients face challenges on several fronts – leveraging legacy technology to drive new revenue streams, enhancing data analytics and discovery together with increasing client centric digital connectivity whilst complying with increasingly stringent regulatory demands – and all this under increasing pressure on their profit margins. The future is adopting some of the methodologies from the big consumer tech companies who have reset technology expectations; one of them being through the use of Agile and Iterative software delivery.

The Agile DevOps model creates greater development flexibility and increases the ability to respond quickly to change in line with business and technology requirements. Quality, predictability and flexibility improvements offered by an Agile DevOps approach are especially important in a sophisticated and competitive global markets context, where a high degree of customisation is normal. It enables much tighter control over development timescales that, in turn, make it easier to predict the delivery date with certainty both for vendor and in-house solutions.

At MapleRisk we’ve been successfully helping our global markets clients deliver complex change programmes through an Agile DevOps approach. Our domain experts are embedded within your team. They collaboratively work within our Agile DevOps framework that draws from multiple disciplines including solution architecture, engineering, and data scientists backed by a deep understanding of front-to-back trading and risk management fundamentals.

So to answer the question posed, yes we are seeing Agile DevOps delivering transformational change but only if its backed by deep domain expertise. If you want to discuss how our Agile DevOps approach could benefit your business please do get in touch.